Our American culture is at a crossroads. And our e pluribus unum is in jeopardy. The President talks about building a wall, yet a wall already exists that’s growing higher and wider in this country than any border wall might be. It’s the wall of criticism drowning out true free speech by the PC police who will not spare anyone who challenges their self appointed status of the keepers of the American narrative. Social norms that have been the foundation to healthy societies since the beginning of history have been summarily tossed aside as arcane remnants of the past.

Also, we are more wired and connected than ever before. And yet, we are growing more and more distant from each other as never before. More and more lines of communication seem to be leading to nowhere. This disconnectedness has infiltrated our families, as well, distancing family members from each other, especially fathers from their children and from being leaders they were meant to be. When fathers fail, society suffers. The statistics are indisputable.

All these negative forces playing out in our society are having a dramatic impact on the disintegration of real community. The search is on for answers to these ills. How can we regain a semblance of the genius of America where ALL voices can be heard, where leadership is not self aggrandizing, where communities are strong, and where families can be safe harbors and not distant shores.

These issues are what I write about. From the perspective of how the universe operates, shown to us most clearly in the person of Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether one considers him to be the Son of God, what He said inspires all of us to be better citizens, embody social justice and forgiveness, empower women, decry the self-appointed spokespersons of everyone else’s business, and model true community that was revolutionary then, and today.

My books are about the principles He espoused, and their relevance for us today as I address the intellectual dishonesty of the politically correct agenda, the need for true community, and the role of the father-teacher in contemporary American culture. It is the relationship between faith and culture that leads me to write what is on my heart to say.

Thank you for the privilege of your time and attention as you read my books. I very much appreciate it.