The Politically Incorrect Jesus

The Politically Incorrect Jesus

Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief

Jesus. He is admired and ridiculed, embraced and rejected. If you want to provoke controversy and emotional discussion, just mention His name.

Jesus was inclusive when He welcomed all the weary and burdened to come to Him and experience the love of His Father. But He was not open-minded when it came to the truth. He stated that He was the truth. And this flies in the face of current politically correct thought.

In Politically Incorrect Jesus, Joe Battaglia exposes the intellectual dishonesty of political correctness and presents Jesus as the model for embracing a counter-cultural faith, which empowers us to be salt and light. Be bold and stand firm in your faith when the culture demands you stand down.

  • Alex Kendrick
    "Joe Battaglia says what needs to be said about the dangers and impact of our politically correct world. It’s a needed wake up call to our culture! This is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to understand our times."
    Alex Kendrick
    Filmmaker, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous
  • Michael W. Smith
    "In The Politically Incorrect Jesus, my friend Joe Battaglia presents an intelligent and common sense approach to how a person of faith can stand up to the current issues in culture that would divide us without pointing fingers or engaging in the culture war. He has interesting perspectives that we would all do well to consider on how to be followers of Jesus to a world that wants to see the real thing."
    Michael W. Smith
  • Larry W. Poland, Ph.D
    "No one who reads The Politically Incorrect Jesus will ever view cultural PC the same way again. In bold, no-nonsense, biblically based expressions, Joe Battaglia strips the facade off the culture war and warns believers against the dangers of being seduced by it. The book is a game changer."
    Larry W. Poland, Ph.D
    Chairman, Mastermedia International
  • David Ferguson
    "With candor and courage, Joe Battaglia takes on some of the madness of our day as attention is focused beyond the noise of political correctness to the person of Jesus. Timeless truths drawn from HIS life and love are presented with clarity and grace as firm foundations for purposeful and strategic living in our contemporary world. Read it and REAP!"
    David Ferguson
    Co-Chairman, Awakening America Alliance
  • Sheila Walsh
    "This is an important book. It’s a wake-up call to a slumbering Church and culture, a reminder of what is true not what is popular. I highly recommend it."
    Sheila Walsh
    Author of The Storm Inside
  • David Jones
    "My friend Joe Battaglia exposes the ease with which many rewrite the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said of Himself, I and the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me. That sounds anything but inclusive. Battaglia builds a biblical case for society and individuals to return to the truth of the Good News in Christ, a truth entered through relationship, and the only truth that still sets us free."
    David Jones
    Vice President, The Palau Association

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About the Book

Why call your book The Politically Incorrect Jesus? And along those lines, why does “Jesus” provoke extreme responses . . . and is this book trying to pick a fight?

Why did you write The Politically Incorrect Jesus, whom are you writing to, and what result are you looking for?

You obviously wrote The Politically Incorrect Jesus to say Christians are giving in to fear of political incorrectness. So let’s define terms: What is “political correctness” or “political incorrectness”? And why are the terms issues now, especially for Christians?

Political correctness, you say, is “intellectual suicide.” Please expand on why “going along with the social gatekeepers” is like putting a gun up to our intellect?

Is America in a culture war? And if yes, why should Christians care? Doesn’t the bible say our kingdom is not of this world?

What do you want readers to get from The Politically Incorrect Jesus?

How do you see people reading The Politically Incorrect Jesus or using it? For example, what about discussion groups? Bible studies? Or do you mean for it to read alone and in small doses?

What are people saying about The Politically Incorrect Jesus?

In The Politically Incorrect Jesus, what chapter is your favorite? Which one was most challenging to write? And which one evokes the most comments?

People are busy and Christians have a lot of books on their side tables. Why should anyone pick up and read The Politically Incorrect Jesus? And when someone recommends this book to someone else to read, how do you hope the book is described?

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ISBN 9781424549818
176 Pages